2018 Morningstar Investment Management National Adviser Roadshow

We are pleased to provide the full recording and presentation slides for each speaker’s session at the Morningstar Investment Management Adviser Roadshow 2018 in Sydney, NSW. The event agenda is available here.


Adviser Tools

The collateral below is now available on Your Toolkit.

A Guide to Using Valuation-Driven Investing to Help Your Clients

Synopsis: This guide summarises valuation-driven investing fundamentals and how these strategies can strengthen diversification. The guide covers off 2 important concepts – estimating fair value and how to get (and keep) more than what you pay.

How to Become an Emotionally Intelligent Investor

Synopsis: This brochure introduces a disciplined approach to becoming an emotionally intelligent investor. In today’s hyper-connected world, it is increasingly hard to tune out the noise. Understanding the pitfalls of costly ’emotionally-charged’ decisions and having a trusted investment partner like yourself can point your clients towards the path to investment success.

Spotlight on Investing 

Synopsis: This deck showcases the key factors and investment principles to becoming an intelligent investor and achieving investment success. You can re-brand this deck to help demonstrate the benefits of partnering with your firm as adviser and Morningstar as investment manager.

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