Medalist Core Portfolios

Launching our latest suite of portfolios: Morningstar Medalist Core

Morningstar Medalist Core managed accounts deliver our best ideas, harnessing Morningstar’s unique set of capabilities across independent fund research, asset allocation, and portfolio construction. Our global scale and decades of managed portfolio heritage enable us to deliver reduced fees from underlying fund managers, resulting in both reduced administration and a competitive offering that demonstrates our commitment to putting investor interests first.

Available across a suite of six risk profiles, these portfolios use active, multi-asset strategies where reasonable outperformance is persistently available and passive strategies where it is not, ensuring your clients have a robust, research-led investment solution designed to empower their financial success.

What could make the Medalist Core Portfolios right for you and your clients?

  • Morningstar’s trusted independent fund manager research thinking employed in an implemented portfolio
  • Active management for asset classes where outperformance is likely, and passive where it isn’t
  • A range of easy to understand, implemented portfolios across a broad set of risk profiles aligned to Morningstar’s Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Where your clients are seeking a portfolio made up of highly rated managed funds & ETFs
  • Where you’re looking to access an efficient portfolio that reduces the administrative burden
  • Competitive fees

To learn more about the Medalist Core Portfolios, request a call back or speak to your local Advice Solutions Manager by calling us on 1800 951 999.


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Discover more about Morningstar Medalist Core Portfolios

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