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mFund provides a convenient way for you to buy and sell units in selected managed funds through the same stockbroking or advisory service you use to transact shares or other ASX products.

Investment options: choice, control and diversification

Morningstar has made a number of investment options available via mFund. You can choose from an individual asset class solution to fill a specific diversification need in your portfolio, or select one of our diversified options to add a diversification boost to your portfolio.

The following Morningstar investment options have been made available via mFund:

Multi-asset investment solutions

  • Morningstar Multi Asset Real Return Fund (mFund Code: IBB13)
  • Morningstar High Growth Real Return Fund (mFund Code: IBB12)
  • Morningstar Growth Real Return Fund (mFund Code: IBB11)
  • Morningstar Balanced Real Return Fund (mFund Code: IBB10)
  • Morningstar Moderate Real Return Fund (mFund Code: IBB09)

Individual asset class solutions

  • Morningstar International Shares (Unhedged) Fund (mFund Code: IBB01)
  • Morningstar International Shares (Hedged) Fund (mFund Code: IBB04)

Next steps

After you’ve read the disclosure document and chosen an investment option that’s right for you, contact your broker to start buying and selling units today. You can find an up to date list of brokers able to help with mFund here. 

Product Disclosure Statements

Our Product Disclosure Statements provide additional information on how to apply and redeem units using mFund and information about mFund costs. 

Existing investor?

If you are an existing mFund investor who wishes to change your distribution election, address details or similar needs, please contact your broker.

Fund Updates

Updated information in the Product Disclosure Statements.

Find out more about mFund

For more information you can:

  • email us at [email protected]
  • call us on 02 9276 4550
  • visit 
  • talk to your financial adviser or get in touch with your broker.
  • For any changes to distribution election and address, please contact your broker.

Investment solutions to meet your needs

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