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Actively managed exchange traded fund


Gain exposure to international shares

Data as at: 19.05.2022

How to use MSTR
A complement to your existing investment portfolio.

International shares may provide many benefits to your broader investment portfolio. You gain access to opportunities not readily available in Australia. And this could mean smoother and more consistent returns achieved from diversification across geography and industry. We’ve hedged the portfolio for our investors to minimise the potential impact of currency volatility.

Key benefits
By focusing on high quality, attractively valued companies, we provide investors with access to an actively managed, well-diversified portfolio of resilient international companies

A smoother journey to achieving your financial goals

achieved by a focus on quality and value.

Today’s opportunities

actively managed to invest in where we believe the most compelling opportunities are at any given time.

Total transparency

full underlying portfolio holdings updated every business day.

Explore the portfolio
Get to know the investment and the team behind the investment

An introduction to MSTR, by Clint Abraham, Director, Portfolio Specialist

Clint Abraham, Investment Specialist, introduces MSTR  in the context of helping our investors achieve their financial goals. You’ll hear where in the world and in which industries we’re currently finding the most compelling investment opportunities. 

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MSTR Q&A with Peter Bull, Morningstar’s Head of Equities

Morningstar’s investment team likes to challenge the untested business models that run rampant in the trendier of-the-moment companies, instead focusing on stocks with proven fundamentals and robust moats.

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Interested in learning more about allocating a portion of your investment portfolio to MSTR?

Find out more about the benefits of gaining exposure to international shares, as well as Morningstar Investment Management’s investor focused approach to building and managing investment portfolios. 

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Invest now

Investing in MSTR is as simple as buying shares via your financial adviser, stockbroker or online broker account. A list of online brokers can be found here.  Use the Ticker Code: MSTR.

Online Brokers List

Investing in MSTR is as simple as buying shares via your financial adviser, stockbroker or online broker account. A list of online brokers can be found here.  Use the Ticker Code: MSTR.

Online Brokers List

If you’d like any additional information or have any questions, request a call-back by clicking here.

Where we’re investing
Find out which countries we’re finding investment opportunities in, which industries are presenting good value and how we’re turning those ideas into an investment portfolio.

1) Portfolio holdings which equate to less than 2% of the portfolio are grouped together in the “Other” section.

2) Cash will include Forward Foreign Exchange, foreign cash and derivative exposure backed by cash.

Underlying portfolio holdings
The information is updated every business day, so you can see where your money is invested at any given time.

Security Name Sector Country Currency Market Value Weight (%)
Security Name Sector Country Currency Market Value Weight (%)

The details
MSTR facts

Monthly Performance as at February 2022 Financial Statement 31.12.21 Download Product Disclosure Statement Download MSTR Factsheet Download Distribution Reinvestment Plan Interim Financial Report. Half Year Ended 31 December 2020. ASX trade calendar: dates when the ASX is trading and dates when closed. Distribution Timetable Estimate Distribution Announcement June 2021 Final Distribution Announcement June 2021 DRP Announcement Amended June 2021 Distribution Tax Estimates June 21

To achieve meaningful capital growth over the medium-to-long term, while minimising the risk of permanent capital loss, by providing exposure to listed international shares.


MSCI All Country World ex-Australia Index with Net Dividends Reinvested (Hedged to $AUD)


0.39% p.a.


We’ve hedged MSTR for our investors, to minimise the potential impact of volatile currency movements. You can find more information on this in the Factsheet.

MSTR Calculated NAV


Data as at: 19.05.2022

MSTR Calculated NAV (per unit)


Data as at: 19.05.2022

1) Market Value in the Underlying Portfolio Holdings table refers to the amount that the underlying securities MSTR has exposure to can be sold for on the relevant market as at the specified date.

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