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Daniel Needham, Global CIO video update

Morningstar Investment Managent’s Global CIO and President, Daniel Needham, delivers a brief update on current market conditions (as at May 12 2020). 

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How we’re investing right now

At Morningstar Investment Management, we talk a lot about what’s knowable and unknowable, important and unimportant. Right now, COVID-19 and its effects on global markets are superlatively important and unknowable. We could spend a lot of time and effort attempting to forecast or predict what might happen. But, instead, we like to focus on what we do know – what is knowable.  

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What prior market crashes can teach us about navigating the current one

The circumstances of the current market crash might be unique to the coronavirus pandemic, but they lead investors to wonder: Are such drops normal for equity markets, or is this different?

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PowerPoint Presentation

Foundations for investors: Staying the course

This presentation lays out why it’s key to stay invested in tough markets, how diversification works in your clients’ favour, and how attempting to time the market risks loss. It’s editable, so you can customise depending on the unique needs of your clients. 

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A focus on fundamentals, not forecasting will help your clients achieve their financial goals

The past couple of weeks have proven that no one can predict what’s going to happen in investment markets. However, over the long term, the price of an investment tends to follow its fundamentals. Daniel Needham, Chief Investment Officer and President, spends a couple of minutes outlining why fundamentals underpin our investment approach.

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Combating action bias: We want to act, but should we?

During times of market volatility,  a natural instinct is to stop the bleeding–to take decisive action instead of riding out the storm. When it comes to investing, acting on that desire wont necessarily help. To help ourselves and investors overcome this tendency, let’s better understand what’s happening.

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Your most frequently asked questions answered: Coronavirus FAQs

Please keep your questions coming and we’ll answer them here. From questions about portfolio positioning and changes the investment team have made, to what we’d say to clients who are tempted to move to cash, we’ll document your questions and answers here.   

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Daniel Needham, The importance of staying invested in volatile times

Daniel Needham, Chief Investment Officer and President, reminds viewers of some good investing habits; easily forgotten during times of stress. Daniel outlines why it’s key to see market volatility as an opportunity. He emphasises the importance of clients sticking to the financial plans you’ve set for them.

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Fight or flight? When ‘black swan’ events happen…

When unsettling events such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and market volatility dominate the news, it’s natural for investors to question and second-guess their investment strategy. As hard as it is to do nothing, it will serve investors best not to flap about in disarray, focus on the facts and remain calm.

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